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رایان راهبرد چابک؛ مشاوره، آموزش و همکاری در پروژه های بهبود منابع انسانی
در پروژه های بهبود منابع انسانی، همزمان با اجرای مطلوب و استقرار سیستمهای نوین، دانش فنی نیز به تیم کارفرما منتقل می شود
شناخت چالش ها و ارائه ی راهکارها بر اساس الگوهای موفق دنیا
راهکارهای پیشنهادی علاوه بر انطباق با صنایع و وضعیت سازمانهای کشور، در شرکت های موفق دنیا پذیرفته شده و به کار بسته شده اند
آموزش مجازی و وبینارهای مدیریت منابع انسانی
آموزشهای مجازی بر اساس محتوای به روز و کاربردی تنظیم شده اند و فرصت راهنمایی و رفع ابهامات از طریق ایمیل و سایر ابزارهای تکنولوژی اطلاعات نیز وجود دارد

Kofi Annan and the role of CHRO as Ambassador

ستاره غیر فعالستاره غیر فعالستاره غیر فعالستاره غیر فعالستاره غیر فعال

Looking at Kofi Annan career history, who was 7th secretary general of the UN, bears valuable lessons for HR professionals. He focused his efforts on developing peace over the world which made him eligible for Nobel Pease Prize.  He is known as a manager who tried to make structural transformations in UN relationship and organization. He is also one of the people who followed his career path in different levels internally and promoted to the highest levels gradually. In addition to this, he started his managerial role as personnel manager there.

 So, it is relevant if we look at a new model which called and describes “CHRO as Ambassador” * comparing to his career path and behavior. In this point of view, CHRO is in direct connection with management team, board members, employees, candidates and even outside organizations. (S)he would be the first person who must walk and go out of the office to visit other departments and units and meet different people and parties to represent organization in this communicational role. Therefore, he should collect deep knowledge of business to connect CEO, top managers, key talents and even customers and other share holders as a chain. This roles and activities deliver the concepts of the “CHRO as Ambassador” model. (S)he is supposed to lead organization and business model transformation and confront challenges. In this way, CHRO needs relevant competencies to accept delegation of the authority resulting optimized productivity. By empowering competencies (S)he can act as a change agent and facilitator and in addition to negotiator role by a strategic and proactive approach.

To perform these accountabilities effectively, CHRO needs to be accepted as a gracious and build a profile of consistency and reliability, not just as a slogan but in real action and experience.

By the way, have you ever looked at to CHRO as an ambassador?


* Richard Greene coined this term


Morad Ahmadipour

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