Result Orientation and the need for reorganization

Thanks to the grandfather; I had an opportunity to experience farmers life, when I was a child. What was noticeable in their lifestyle, was “Result Orientation”.

All their efforts had been summarized in the final product; So, if the product hasn’t been produced properly, all efforts would be wasted. In the language of industry and employer – employee relations, there would be no compensation for that period. This result orientation is enough for waking up in the morning and going to work without any need for watch, nor time and attendance records or checks. This result orientation attitude where connected to meaningful work – enriched with day to day decision making and empowered by observing sprout, growth and fructify – can introduce a new benchmark which leading to reorganizing work system and jobs. This way of reorganization aligned by employee maturity and its outcomes can improve productivity of the system.

Controlling Mature employees plays like a brake. Like a truck which cannot move on just by its brakes, management could not be done just by control. .Managers who work with millennials generation, should take the feet off the brakes and allow to organization for moving up

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